Printing of the Municipal Elections 2016 Inspection Voters'Roll

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Bidder name Tender Description Tender No. B-BBEE Points Points Awarded
Mailtronic Direct Marketing Printing of the Municipal Elections 2016 Inspection Voters'Roll IEC/LG-05/2015 9 99


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Government Printing Works

Contact Person: Submitted blank file
Telephone Number:
Fax number:

Uniprint-A Division of Times Media (Pty)Ltd

Contact Person:Mark Williams
Telephone Number:0315602300
Fax number:0865324520

Colourtech Trust

Contact Person:Magdalena Nkosi
Telephone Number:0113988700
Fax number:0113988723

Ren-Form CC

Contact Person:Jean-Pierre Du Cant
Telephone Number:0114931575
Fax number:0114938373/4

Mega Digital (Pty)Ltd

Contact Person:Adrian Tramp
Telephone Number:0219584600
Fax number:0219512505

Mokgaditswe Trading and Projects (Pty)Ltd

Contact Person:L.L. Legodi
Telephone Number:0152977251
Fax number:0866149231

Amantungw Amahle General

Contact Person:Delisile Sandra Kumalo
Telephone Number:0795059963
Fax number:0862734703

Bidvest Paperplus (Pty)Ltd

Contact Person:Schalk Visage
Telephone Number:0219353300
Fax number:0219353400